Felt Hearts

Felt Hearts - Valentine's Day Craft ProjectMake potpourri or fibre-fill stuffed felt hearts to hand on your Valentine’s Day tree, door and drawer knobs, closets or to give as party favors.


white felt cloth scraps
red felt cloth scraps
white satin ribbon
potpourri or fibrefill or cotton
needle and red thread
fabric glue


1. Cut out 2 hearts from the white felt cloth.

2. Place the felt hearts, backs facing, on each other and sew all around leaving a small space for filling potpourri or other stuffing. While sewing all around, sew a loop made of the white satin ribbon that will be used later to hang the ornament.

3. Turn the heart bag right side out and stuff it with filling of your choice.

4. Sew the opening shut and while closing the opening.

5. Do a blanket stitch around the heart with red thread.

6. Cut a smaller heart out of the red felt and glue it to the center of the white heart on one or both sides.

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